Frequently asked questions

Delivery is free from an order amount of 200 € VAT excl.  If the free delivery amount is not reached, a delivery cost will be added according to the table below:

Order amount Delivery cost
> €200 Free
€175 - €200 €15
€125 - €175 €20
€75 - €125 €30
<€75 €50

For customers who place their orders in multiple stages, the total order amount applies for the amount at the time of delivery (all separate orders are added together). Before the order in the webshop is complete, you will be made aware of any delivery cost, so that you can choose whether to order additional items or to continue, knowing that this delivery cost will be charged.

If you transmit your order before Monday noon, you can be assured that your delivery will take place on Thursday or Friday, depending on the location of your store on the driver's route. Orders placed later cannot be guaranteed within the same week. If too many animals or articles are missing due to a late order, delivery will automatically be postponed to the following week.

We deliver throughout Belgium on Thursday or Friday, usually according to the schedule below:

Thursday: Regions of Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant, Brussels, Limburg and Liège
Friday: East Flanders, West Flanders, Hainaut, Namur
The province of Luxembourg will be added on Thursday or Friday depending on how busy the routes are.

Usually, we call upon a courier service for deliveries to the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Those deliveries take place a maximum of 4 days after receipt of your order. In practice we usually manage faster, but depending on the stock of the products, we are sometimes forced to wait for a delivery from an external supplier before being able to send the order.

Trading live animals is a difficult matter, especially with regard to reservations and pre-orders. After all, an animal can only leave for transport if it is initially in stock. As a client, you can always ask us for specific colours or preferences, but be aware that this increases the chances that there will be no animal that exactly matches the description.
A second difficulty is that an animal can only be transported if it is actually healthy at the time of packaging.
Finally, a problem may arise during transport, as a result of which the animal cannot ultimately leave for the end user.
Always be careful with making promises to your customers. We always do our best to meet your demand, but taking into account our quality requirements and the availability of live animals, it is not always possible to fulfil all requests.

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