Terms of sales

The prices on the website are always the prices applicable at the time of order and are displayed in euros. PFA reserves the right to revise these prices depending on the season, availability and size of the animals. Price changes only apply when the price on our website has also been effectively adjusted. Minor changes are not communicated. Major changes are always communicated to customers by e-mail. All mentioned prices are prices without taxes.

The photos on the website are a visual aid to make ordering easier. However, these are in no way binding as to what an ordered animal will ultimately look like. Within a species, colours and morphology may differ from the animal shown in the photo (e.g. juvenile plumage, species that change colour in mating season, etc.). If the colour of the animal does not match the one in the photo displayed on the website, this will therefore not give rise to a refund of the delivered animal, with the exception of animals for which a specific colour is described (e.g. albino).

Orders are preferably placed via our website (http://www.pfa-trade.be). The website is adjusted to the current stock (with a 5% error margin) and displays the correct size and price of the animals. Different ordering methods (by telephone, e-mail, SAP...) are also accepted. In the latter case, the order will be adjusted according to availability. 
Orders are guaranteed if they reach us at the latest on Monday before noon. Orders that arrive later are, depending on their nature, still processed for the same week, or, if a large number of articles can no longer be delivered (because of deliveries by external partners or preparation of the animals), automatically shifted to the following week. The customer is not automatically informed of this, but can of course inquire about this.

Delivery is free from an order amount of €250 VAT excl. for Belgium. For The Netherlands and Luxembourg, the delivery will be free from an order amount of €300 VAT excl. For other countries the amount for free delivery will be determined on demand. If the free delivery amount is not reached, a delivery cost will be added (see FAQs to know the delivery costs).
For customers who place their orders in multiple stages, the total order amount applies for the amount at the time of delivery (all separate orders are added together). The customer is made aware of this delivery cost on our website. 

The animals shown on the website are usually available. Given the large number of references, however, this availability has a 5% error margin. Moreover, we work with live animals. Your order will be packed up to 1 day before delivery. In the meantime, a lot can happen. Animals can get sick, die or be sold to customers who come to pick them up at our premises. Animals are not specifically reserved (this is practically impossible) unless that has been explicitly promised. We can therefore never offer 100% certainty about availability at the time of ordering versus availability at the time of packing. Therefore always be wary of making promises to customers to avoid disappointments.
You may always make special requests. PFA-trade BV will always do its utmost to meet these requests, but with live animals the outcome is never entirely certain. 

Fish and frozen food are packed in polystyrene boxes. These polystyrene boxes are return boxes. If it is noted that they do not return systematically, they will be charged. 
Rodents are transported in transport boxes. Birds in wooden bird cages. These boxes and cages must also be returned to the driver at the next delivery. Due to a lack of space, our driver may request to leave a number of boxes at your premises until the next delivery.
 When transport boxes ultimately no longer come-back or are damaged to such an extent that they become unusable, a cost of 15 €/box will be charged.

Pick up at Passion for Animals is possible, but only on appointment. No minimum order amount applies for pick ups. Keep in mind that we do not have everything in stock on the site at Wommelgem. Please also inform us in advance so we can make sure that someone is present to assist you.

Belgium is always supplied according to a fixed route schedule:
Thursday: Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant, Brussels, Limburg and Liège
Friday: East Flanders, West Flanders, Hainaut, Namur
The province of Luxembourg will be added Thursday or Friday depending on the traffic on the routes.

For customers who are on the border of a geographical region, the fixed delivery day may differ from the routes described above. Due to high order amounts, holidays or exceptional circumstances, these delivery rounds may deviate from the schedule described above.

Payment is made in such method as agreed upon, usually by wire transfer after delivery. The due date is always stated on the invoice. When other arrangements regarding payments are made, (e.g. cash payment to the driver), these must always be respected.
In the event of late payment, the buyer will be demanded to rectify the payment. If payment is not made after three reminders, costs will be charged in accordance with our invoice conditions and the file will be transferred to a collection agency. Once the collection procedure has been started via the collection agency, the extra costs must always be paid in supplement to the outstanding balance.
In the case of outstanding, expired invoices, PFA-Trade BV reserves the right not to deliver new orders until the balance has been paid. New payment terms can be agreed at that time.
PFA-Trade BV remains the owner of all delivered goods until they have been paid. If a customer does not pay, PFA-Trade BV reserves the right to retrieve the delivered animals / goods.

Quality complaints upon delivery must reach us within 24 hours after delivery. Please report these complaints by e-mail (info@pfa-trade.be). Always state clearly what the problem is and try to substantiate with clear pictures in case of death or illness.
A guarantee period of 72 hours applies to fish. Complaints that reach us before the expiration of this warranty period will be handled under warranty in consultation with the customer. Complaints that reach us later are not covered by the warranty. Of course we will assist the customer with advice and assistance, but the guarantees regarding refunds will of course expire at this time.
For rodents, the warranty period is 5 days after delivery. Animals can be exchanged or credited within this period. After 5 days, we will determine case by case in which way we can best provide help to the customer. Please always send a photo by e-mail (info@pfa-trade.be) of the problem the animal is experiencing. Refunding of animals after these 5 days is no longer possible, unless in a number of exceptional cases (genetic defect or condition that was reported during the warranty period). The behaviour of an animal never entails the right to a warranty.
A warranty period of 5 days applies to birds. The animals can be credited within this period. Complaints must always reach us within this period of 5 days. Complaints that reach us later can never give rise to a refund of the animal. 
For reptiles, a warranty period of 72 hours after delivery applies. Complaints must reach us within this period. Later complaints can under no circumstances give rise to refunding of the animal. The customer will of course be assisted with advice and help to try to remedy any problems that may arise. 

The customer is expected to have the necessary know-how to take care of the purchased animals (or to inquire how to do so). Incorrect housing of the purchased animals can never give rise to refunds, even when this causes problems that arise within the warranty period stated above. 

If an animal has already been sold within the warranty period described above and has therefore already been moved to the end user, the warranty offered by PFA-Trade BV will lapse. When selling, it is assumed that the shop assistant who makes the sale considers the animal to be healthy and declares it fit for the move and therefore also indicates that the animal was delivered to the store by PFA-Trade BV in good health and without defects. The guarantee that the store offers to the customer falls outside the responsibility of PFA-Trade BV.

When an external veterinarian is contacted, these costs can never be recovered from PFA-Trade BV. 

Animals can be returned, but this must be reported in advance to PFA-Trade BV by e-mail or telephone. State the symptoms and / or reason for return. Returned animals must be accompanied by a health booklet (if the animal has one). Treatments are free if it concerns a problem that was reported during the 5-day warranty period, but are charged if the return of the animal was reported outside the 5-day warranty period. Returning is only possible with a new delivery (our drivers cannot come to collect animals outside of the delivery rounds).

If animals do not heal or die during their treatment period, PFA cannot be held responsible for this. If this happens within 5 days after delivery of the animal, this naturally falls under the warranty period and the animal will be credited. 
Genetic defects are always covered by warranty. Behavioural deviations are not covered by warranty.

When placing an order with PFA-Trade BV, the customer automatically agrees with these terms and conditions of sale and therefore both PFA-Trade BV and the customer must meet the conditions set out herein.

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