A look behind the scenes

As a wholesaler, we are often asked about what our work space looks like. Of course we are not simply open to the public, otherwise we would not be a wholesaler. We do always tell our clients that a visit is possible if they make an appointment in advance. However, it is not possible for all clients to make the trip, because they live on the other side of the country or because they obviously spend all their precious time building their own business and serving their customers. That is more than understandable and that is why we want to meet this demand in a small way by showing a number of company videos from our workplace. This way everyone gets the chance to take a look behind the scenes, without giving up too much of their precious time.

As a wholesaler, we naturally focus on animal welfare and on easy cleaning of the animal housing. The enclosures do not necessarily have to be "beautiful", but above all practical to maintain and suitable for the correct housing of the animals. That being said, we would like to invite you to take a look behind the scenes through these videos. Sit back, and relax.

Our fish department

At Passion for Animals we have our own quarantine area for the fish we offer. With extra aeration and frequent water changes, we always keep the water healthy for the fish. All fish that come out of this quarantine are adapted to the "standard" water in Belgium. Water parameters are constantly monitored and adjusted where necessary. We also always pack the fish as late as possible, right before the time of transport.

Our rabbit department

Passion for Animals is, of course, best known for its rabbits, and in recent years we have invested in more spacious enclosures for the animals, equipped with shelters, chew toys, etc. The rabbits are also vaccinated with us if desired by the buyer and can also be chipped to improve the traceability of the animals. Each rabbit receives a personalized passport, with a photo of the rabbit itself.

Our guinea pigs and small rodents

Our guinea pigs are housed according to the same principle as our rabbits. Spacious cages, shelters, chew toys, etc. Furthermore, these animals also receive fresh vegetables daily to provide them with sufficient vitamin C. The small rodents are housed in a slightly darker place, which they find more pleasant. There is of course a natural day-night rhythm, but bright light is avoided. They get cage enrichment (rolls and paper), nuts to gnaw, unrestricted access to food and water and hay to build nests.

Our bird department

At Passion for Animals, the birds are kept in a room that is lit with UV light adapted for birds. This light has a higher flicker frequency than standard lamps, which reduces stress in birds, and also gives birds access to the UV light visible to them, which the human eye cannot perceive. Fresh food and water is of course offered daily. The animals are grouped according to their origin to guarantee traceability.

Our reptile department

For reptiles, amphibians, insects and spiders we work with a German specialist. We are actually the official distributor of his animals. With a very extensive range of captive bred animals and correct housing (temperature, humidity, (UV) lighting and nutrition) adapted to the needs of each animal, we proudly distribute his animals in Belgium and beyond. Only captive bred animals are included in our range, wild caught animals are not offered by us.

Our materials

For some time now, Passion for Animals has also been expanding its range of food and accessories for the animals we offer. By doing so, we have currently come up with a selection of materials/brands that we are proud to distribute. Everyone knows that we have been distributing Ocean Nutrition in the BeNeLux (dry and frozen food for fish of Belgian origin) for years, just like RepTech, a price-quality top brand for Terrariums and their accessories. Recently, Millamore (a premium brand of dust-free bedding materials for rodents, reptiles and birds), Reptiblock (cleaning products and coconut bedding material for Reptiles), Down2Earth (our own developed brand of hamsterscaping materials) and Arcadia Bird Lights (customized lighting that meets the needs of cage birds housed indoors) have all been added to our product range.

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