Privacy declaration

Protection of personal data

PFA-Trade BVBA pays attention to the way in which the personal data that we collect from you as our (potential) customer is handled. It is therefore of paramount importance that these data are dealt with correctly, as provided for in the GDPR legislation. Are you not familiar with this legislation? On the website you will find everything you may want to know about this legislation.


Like all companies, PFA-Trade BVBA collects a number of data from its visitors. We need these data to make certain processes run smoothly and to optimize our marketing.


Which information do we collect and how do we use it?

When you connect to our website, certain data are collected via Google Analytics. We find out by which search terms you came to our website, from which region you searched us, which pages you viewed and how long you stayed on our website. This helps us to identify potential new customers and to explore potential new segments in our field.


You also have the opportunity to become an effective customer with us as a company. To do so, we ask you to enter a number of details. We ask you to provide the name of the company, VAT number, the name of the contact person, telephone number, e-mail address, delivery address and billing address. You will also be given the choice whether you want to be informed by e-mail of changes in delivery rounds, sales, etc. We collect these data in order to provide you as a customer with correct invoicing, to contact you in the event of questions regarding the order, delivery or payment, and to inform you in the event of last-minute or planned changes regarding deliveries. We also check your VAT number for validity at external websites such as or, mainly to prevent fraud and to be sure that you do register as a pet store.



After registration you can proceed to place your orders. These orders arrive directly in our secure database and are kept there to see your order history. We keep a record of your orders to help you as our customer with questions about recent or less recent orders, but also to be able to follow your order history. This also allows us to look proactively for potential areas for improvement or to detect evolutions within the market. All this is done to continuously improve our services.



When you have placed an order, we will process it. We cooperate with a few partners to this end. Some of these partners package the products/animals per customer for us. This means that they receive your company name and ordered articles and quantities from us. This is inevitable to ensure correct delivery.



After preparing a delivery, we draw up the invoice. For this we also need the previously collected data. These payments are registered in our database and are copied to the database on the servers of the accounting office with which we cooperate. The accounting office also stocks your data on extra secure servers. Our external accountant then has access to this data, with the sole purpose of ensuring correct administration and taxation.



If no payment follows after invoicing, your data can be passed on to a collection agency, in order to obtain payment.



Your data will never be used or passed on to third parties other than the ones listed above. Only persons employed by the company have access to these databases and undertake to protect this data.



As a company, we make every effort to protect your data as much as possible. The customer database is hosted on an external server at Wolters Kluwer. They manage the security of these servers and also make every effort to prevent leakage or loss of data.


Access to your personal data

As a customer, you can request access to the data we have collected about you at any time. To do so, please contact PFA-Trade BVBA, preferably via our contact form. We undertake to provide you with the required information within 4 weeks after receiving your request.

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