Invoice terms & conditions

Laatste update: 01/11/2021

By simple acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale, the buyer confirms that they have been qualitatively inspected and acknowledges that they are marked in accordance with the law and he undertakes not to sell the goods under the minimum selling prices set by our company if such prices have been determined and communicated to the buyer. Complaints are only valid if they reach us in writing within three days of delivery. The invoice is always payable in accordance with the payment conditions stated on it.

The delivered goods remain our property until full payment.

Sums not paid on their due date will, by law and without notice of default, yield an interest of 18%. If the invoice is not paid within 14 days after its due date, a lump-sum payment is also due, also by law and without notice of default, to be calculated at 15% of the remaining balance with a minimum of €50.

Only the courts of Antwerp are authorized to take cognizance of the disputes that would arise between the parties concerning the current invoice or in connection with the deliveries billed by this invoice. If the dispute falls within the jurisdiction of the Justice of the Peace, it will have to be submitted, at the option of the plaintiff, to one of the Justices of the Peace of the judicial cantons in Antwerp.

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