Our website and web shop uses a number of cookies to render your user experience as pleasant and complete as possible.

A number of functional cookies are used:

The jsessionID cookie collects information on each user’s session. The lang cookie remembers the language you chose upon your last visit to our website. The basket cookie collects certain data about your web shop basket.

Apart from these functional cookies used to enhance the user friendliness of our web shop, the web shop also uses certain analytics cookies, i.e. Google analytics. This analytics cookie allows us to collect information on which pages are visited and on the duration of each visit to certain pages.

Finally, certain tracking cookies are used when external links are used on our website/web shop. These cookies are linked to Facebook, youtube and vimeo iframe integrations. However, these cookies are only used if such an integration on the page in question has effectively been used.

Our web shop does not use any other cookies. In case of any further questions, please contact us via the contact details mentioned on our page.

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