Passion for Animals welcomes France.


A new wholesaler in live animals for France.

We've been talking about this moment for a long time and now it has finally arrived. Passion for Animals crosses the border. It has been several years now that we have noticed that the demand for live animals from France is high. French stores, and certainly those near the border, look for quality suppliers from neighbouring countries, such as Belgium. As such, for a while now we have been regularly receiving requests from France to deliver animals there as well.

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How is this practicaly organised?

Geographically, France is of course a large country. The border areas are not that far away, but the south of France is quite a distance. In a first phase, we therefore decided to limit ourselves geographically to the north of France. In concrete terms, we will start supplying the following arrondissements: 62, 59, 80, 02, 60, 76, 27, 77, 08, 51, 55, 54, 57, 67, 91, 78, 92, 93, 75, 94, 95. If your store is not located in one of these areas, do not hesitate to contact us anyway, we will examine how we can best assist you and who knows, we may drive a little further, especially for you!

Naturally, this endeavour poses a major logistical challenge. We prefer to deliver animals with our own transport, but is that feasible given the greater distances? We can affirm this wholeheartedly and with conviction. Our vans are equipped with the correct ventilation and cooling/heating equipment to guarantee conditioned transport regardless of the distance travelled. Live trackers continuously send the location and temperature in the vans to our control centre, so that action can be taken if something goes wrong along the way. The permits were also changed to Type2 transport permits that allow us to transport the animals correctly.

By delivering with our own transport, we can significantly shorten the delivery times for the animals, which of course only benefits the welfare of the animals in transit. It is true that it is a bit of a drive before the first customer is reached, but once that distance has been covered, deliveries can be made quickly and all animals never spend more than 12 hours on the road, which is virtually impossible with external transport. Equipped with the correct documents for international transport, we are therefore completely ready to introduce foreign shops to our strengths.

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