Millamore bedding and nesting materials.


Natural products

Recently, Millamore products have been added to our product range. These products include bedding materials, nesting materials and toys for rodents, rabbits, birds and reptiles based on aspen wood. Aspen wood as a bedding is not that innovative in itself within the pet sector, but what makes Millamore bedding so unique is its production process.

Millamore's story begins with the harvesting of the trees. The trees used by the Estonian company Tapveï are harvested with respect for nature, according to the most recent and current FSC forest stewardship practices. The company works under strict ISO standards and only with locally harvested trees. As a company, we consider nature very important and therefore find it essential that the wood needed for the manufacturing of these products is harvested with respect for nature. This sparked our attention to take a closer look at Millamore's products.

We have established that Millamore respects nature, but apart from that, the quality of the materials themselves is also very important. In this respect, too, Millamore goes a step further than common natural bedding producers. They hold a number of parameters in high regard which we will discuss in more detail below:


You often see “dust-free” on packaging, but what does that actually mean? 100% dust-free does not really exist with natural bedding products. This label can often be found on traditional natural bedding products and it turns out that up to 15% dust is still present in the finished product. This is absolutely not the case with Millamore. After various laboratory analyses it was found that Millamore's finished products contain only 0.1% - 0.7% dust. This is invariably the lowest dust percentage of all natural bedding products on the market.

Very high absorbency and good odour absorption

Due to the unique drying process developed by the company behind the Millamore bedding, this bedding has a very high absorbency. In addition, the bedding was also found to have a 3x higher ammonia binding capacity than other available bedding materials. This immediately results in less unpleasant odours for us as caretakers, but also for the animals themselves these unhealthy compounds are better filtered out of the ambient air. The cage will also remain drier due to the high absorption capacity of the bedding. In short, it is a perfect choice for your pet.

Laboratory tested

In laboratory research, no germs could be cultivated from the Millamore bedding. This has to do with the heating process during the drying of the bedding, which kills all micro-organisms present in the wood. Millamore, however, did not stop there. The bedding was also checked for more than 200 elements, compounds, chemicals and pesticides and none of these 200 tested substances were found. The standards that Tapveï, Millamore's producer, imposes on themselves for their bedding and nesting materials, correspond to the requirements used for nutrition. Choosing Millamore is therefore not only good for the health of your small pet, but it is also an extremely safe choice to give it the home it deserves.

100% natural and compostable

We prefer to discuss the last two qualities that make Millamore bedding so unique as one item. After all, it is a 100% natural product, as we have already mentioned above, and this indirectly implies that it is also fully compostable, which in turn is better for the environment.


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As you can read here, Millamore is an extremely safe, and extremely healthy choice for your pet. No artificially produced pellets that create a lot of waste, no natural products that can harm the health of your animal, but a dust-free, absorbent, odour reducing, laboratory tested natural bedding that is good for the environment and good for your pet. Millamore's products have us convinced. If that is not yet the case for you, send us an email for a free sample and pay close attention to our transport containers, because from now on we will also be using Millamore for packaging.

Millamore, for a happy pet!

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